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Sports Massage Putney

sports massage therapist putney

Friday, 22. November 2013

Stiff neck and shoulders- How Sports &Remedial massage can help

By stevesims, 09:21

Poor posture over time leads often to chronic patterns of habitual tension that may lead to muscle pain, joint dysfunction, headaches, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue. People come into the clinic describing ‘’tight’’ spots or areas,  asking for a Remedial or Sports massage.

Poor posture: why is it painful?

Because it causes ischemia.

What is ischemia?

It’s a restriction in blood supply to tissues

Why ischemia?

Poor posture drives several muscle groups to increase their activation. This results to restricted blood flow.


Long time muscle activation leads those muscles into so called anaerobic metabolism and presence of lactic acid in them.

What then?

This leads to elongated contraction of the muscles, which are already ischemic, leading to more pain.

This is the moment you grab the stiff area and try to self-massage it and stretch it.

At this point, it’s crucial for the therapist to identify the tightness and answer:

Why?  Has the tissue shortened and feels tight or the tissue is on stretch and subsequently feels tight? 

Once we‘ve made an accurate evaluation, we use a combination of massage and soft tissue techniques to successfully deal with the source of pain.

A maintenance Remedial massage both helps to prevent injury and treat chronic problems on a holistic level by treating the entire body, improve the posture and help you peak your performance.

Benefits of the remedial massage:

Reducing or eliminating pain

Improving joint mobility

Improving circulation

Improving immune system functioning

Increasing lymphatic drainage

Reducing depression and anxiety

Reducing tension within muscles

Increasing body awareness

‘’Peak performance’’ is a Sports &Remedial massage clinic based in Putney leisure Centre, London.

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